Guided tours in Český Krumlov

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Walking city tours

Guided tour of the city (Old town, Latran district, Southern meander)

Castle tour N1 from 10 people
Castle courtyards and gardens
Castle museum

Seidel museum
Krumlov brewery

On a walking tour with me, you can visit Cesky Krumlov in your rythm, we have time to take photos, stop for shopping and certainly to get away from the usual tourist paths. I want to show you the living city, by telling stories about people living here, loves, legends and crimes... floods, communist and changing times. You can always ask your questions.


Guided tours in South Bohemia

Castle of Hluboká nad Vltavou

České Budějovice 

Budvar Brewery visit

Cistercian Monastery of Zlatá Koruna 

Cistercian Monastery of Vyšší Brod

Castle of Rožmberk





Nové Hrady

Holašovice - baroque village architecture - UNESCO World Heritage List


Transport can be arranged to all destinations

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