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About the Guide

I am a hungarian graphic designer but I have been studying arts and living in Paris for eight years. At my first arrival I immediately fell in love with this town, with the surroundings, the people and the culture. So I decided to move here with my family and start a new life as a guide for tourists offering the walking tour as a tour guide for visitors of this beautiful town... 

No matter the wether, we are guiding in all circumstances. 

You will see the former Jesuit Hall of Residents, the Jesuit graden (best point of view on the castle), the house of Prelate, the St. Vitus gothic church, the former Latin School, the first renessaince house of the town, the former Old Town Brewery, the renaissance Italian house, the Barber's house, the Old Orphanage and Hospital, the Minorite Monastery, the Synagoge, Egon Schiele's house, the courtyards of the Castle, the castle Bridge and the Baroque Theatre (outside).

Awarded guide

Eszter csoporttal 2019 junius 2_edited.jpg

Guiding all year round


Krumlov is not just the city. It has a river, where you can raft, a mountain, which you can hike, a moat, where you can meet our bears, a tower you can climb, museums you can visit and special theatres and gardens you can enjoy plays and concerts in. Activities include
rafting, horse riding or carriage ride, bike rental, kick-bike downhill ride, rock-sea visit, local beer tasting and brewery visit.

Adventure & Experience

Baroque festivities reloaded

Every June, a replay of the famous baroque festivities are held in the Cesky Krumlov castle to let you experience the golden era of the Baroque Theatre. 

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