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  • Eszter Saródy

Meet your guide

I am a hungarian graphic designer but I have been studying arts and living in Paris for eight years. At my first arrival I immediately fell in love with this town, with the surroundings, the people and the culture. So I decided to move here with my family and start a new life as a guide for tourists offering the walking tour as a tour guide for visitors of this beautiful town...

I really enjoy private tours, with only a couple or a group of people travelling together, so you can think about yourself, it is your vacation, I am just there to make it even better. Good restaurant, concert or menu tips, typical gifts from Bohemia, don't hesitate to ask...I have been a visitor in this town also. I love to live here more than anywhere else. I would like you to understand how Cesky Krumlov can change someone's life.

“Being with my clients always puts me back to the very first time I was here and I relive each time the marvel and amazement that I experienced back then”

On a walking tour with me, you can visit Cesky Krumlov in your rythm, we have time to take photos, stop for shopping and certainly to get away from the usual tourist paths. I want to show you the living city, by telling stories about people living here, loves, legends and crimes... floods, communist and changing times. You can always ask your questions.

Český Krumlov, the "Pearl of Bohemia" has its origins way back in the medieval times. Since the creation of the Golden Path and the Linz Path, the town gained importance in commercre. The Castle complex, (the second biggest in the country) the castle Baroque Theater, the Revolving auditorium, and the several hundred restored buildings in Český Krumlov are already a destination for over a million tourists every year. Through the history of the families and artists living in Český Krumlov, I would like to invite you to a walking tour in a real collection of historical buildings.

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