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  • Eszter Saródy

The most romantic castle nearby

South Bohemia is very rich in monuments. Just short ride from here there are several sights worth a visit if you spend more than one day in Cesky Krumlov. I am happy to give advice or even accompany you on these trips as a guide. If you are planning active vacation, take a minute to check out the possible excursions as well. Your kids will also enjoy them.

Only 35 kms from Český Krumlov is the most visited monument of the Czech Republic, the latter residence of the Schwarzenberg family. A real tudor-style castle in the heart of Europe.

“The most romantic place to get married in the Czech republic”

The visit of the famous sight near České Budejovice is "a must". This is the most visited monument in the Czech republic, the representational rooms, private apartments, the tower, the kitchens and the park can also be visited.

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